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Our offerings reflect the sum of our experiences, providing meaningful answers to fundamental questions.

Our Human Whole Genome products offer the reliability and scalability to produce results you can trust for any size study. Combining the latest sequencing technology with the industry-leading capabilities in process design, and informatics produces the highest quality, most scalable whole genome sequencing available.​

Our Human Whole Exome products provide you with the quality, reliability, and speed that come as a result of our experience sequencing more than a quarter million exomes. Optimized for depth and evenness of coverage, with high sensitivity to detect SNVs and indels.

Our Whole Transcriptome Sequencing services offer a range of solutions tailored to your study’s needs. Each product has been optimized to yield the highest quality, most reliable results for its given applications, from differential expression analysis to the discovery and identification of mutations and fusion transcripts, even in FFPE tissue.

Our Human Genotyping Arrays provide you with the greatest statistical power to detect trait and disease-associated variants available at a range of different scales. Optimized using data from the 1000 Genomes Project, Illumina Infinium arrays provide coverage of up to ~2 million markers targeting genome-wide and functional exonic variants in cost-effective, high-throughput assays.

16S/18S/ITS Amplicon Metagenomic Sequencing is an ultra-deep DNA sequencing method designed to sequence the 16S ribosomal RNA (rRNA), or 18S rRNA and Internal Transcribed Spacer (ITS) rRNA by universal primers, to describe and compare the phylogeny and taxonomy of bacteria (and archaea) and fungi (such as yeasts, moulds and etc.), respectively.

Shotgun metagenomic sequencing provides information on the total genomic DNA from all organisms in a sample, avoiding the need for isolation and cultivation of microorganisms or amplification of target regions. It provides not only information on the taxonomic annotations of each organism but also the functional profiling, gene prediction and microbial interaction of the whole community.

Mutations within the genome of sub-strains may result in differences in infectability, severity, and vaccine response, therefore characterizing and tracking them is essential for successful surveillance and prevention. We are well-equipped to support the scale and speed needed for your COVID-19 sequencing and surveillance initiatives.

Our Genomic Services is able to draw on the vast knowledge of our research community to help provide customized genomic solutions. Whether you need assistance to design and develop your custom content into a fully validated assay performed in our laboratory, or you need the flexibility of custom sequencing runs, with non-standard parameters, we have you covered.

Combining the rapid turnaround time needed for clinical and diagnostic applications with the power of scale and sequence data delivery, our Liquid Biopsy capabilities open up new opportunities for cancer precision medicine research. From a single sample we can provide both ultra-low pass WGS data and both germline and somatic whole exome sequence data.

We offers a comprehensive set of solutions for clinical trial sequencing.  From choosing and validating the appropriate technology and study design, through sample receipt and processing, to data generation and analysis, we work together every step of the way to ensure that data produced provide the pharmacogenomic insight to drive therapeutic efficacy.

Personal genomics is an area of genomics focusing specifically on the sequencing and analysis of one person’s genome, and then giving them their genomic information.

We provide a range of genomic and metagenomic data assembly and analysis services using state-of-the-art software pipelines and computational infrastructure. Our analysis services can be used alone or in combination with our laboratory services to provide comprehensive data generation and analysis for your project to address the scientific question(s) at hand.

Our Nucleic Acid Extractions can be combined with sequencing, GWAS arrays, panels, or custom content products to provide you with an end-to-end solution for your study regardless of sample source. We offer extraction and qualification services for a wide range of sources and formats, including FFPE tissue.