AGTC Genomics

Partnering for Precision: AGTC Genomics joins European Molecular Quality Network (EMQN)

AGTC Genomics has joined the European Molecular Quality Network (EMQN), an organization dedicated to promoting the highest quality in molecular diagnostics. The EMQN’s External Quality Assessment (EQA) certification guarantees a comprehensive evaluation of the analytical process in a molecular diagnostics lab, including the interpretation of complex data and the production of accurate diagnostic reports.

EMQN provides quality assurance to labs that offer molecular genetics and pathology testing services, through its quality assessment schemes that comply with the norms of the United Kingdom Accreditation Services.

Each year, over 2000 labs from 79 countries around the world participate in EMQN’s EQA schemes, making it the largest external quality assessment network for molecular genetic testing. AGTC Genomics is one of the few labs from Malaysia participating in EMQN’s EQA scheme for molecular genetics sequencing.

As one of the few centers in the country, AGTC Genomics provides a rapid, accurate, and in-house suite of molecular genetic tests for diagnosing over 500 common and rare genetic disorders. EMQN membership and accreditation makes AGTC a partner in the world’s largest network for evaluating the quality of molecular genetic testing.