AGTC Genomics

mRNA Sequencing

  • Population genomics
  • Identification of somatic mutations in cancer
  • Rare disease studies
  • Biobanking projects


RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) has been transforming the study of cellular functionality, which provides researchers with unprecedented insight into the transcriptional landscape of cells. Employing the high-throughput and accurate next-generation sequencing technique (NGS), RNA-seq reveals gene expression profiles and describes the continuous variations in the transcriptome.

Our Whole Transcriptome Sequencing service offer a range of solutions tailored to your study’s needs. Our service is optimized to yield the highest quality, most reliable results, from differential expression analysis to the discovery and identification of mutations and fusion transcripts, even in FFPE tissue.


  • 250ng of purified total RNA
  • FFPE* tissue, fresh/frozen tissue, blood, or cell pellets

* Due to the inherent nature of samples derived from FFPE to contain degraded and crosslinked nucleic acids, all samples submitted are accepted “on risk” and subject to billing regardless of data quality.

What’s Included

  • Sample Receipt and Initial QC
  • Library Construction and QC
  • Sequencing and Data Delivery
  • Bioinformatics Analysis

Data Deliverable

  • Quantitative expression profiles
  • Time series analysis
  • Gene ontology analysis
  • Pathway enrichment analysis
  • Hierarchical clustering analysis
  • Protein-Protein Interaction (PPI) analysis
Analysis of gene expression signatures identifies prognostic and functionally distinct ovarian clear cell carcinoma subtypes. EBioMedicine 2019, 50:203-210.