AGTC Genomics

Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing

  • Profiling methylation patterns at CG, CHG and CHH sites with single nucleotide resolution
  • Identifying differentially methylated sites associated with experimental treatments or sample conditions
  • Understanding mechanisms of cell differentiation or tissue development on the basis of methylation profiles
  • Early diagnosis of diseases and cancers through the detection of DNA hypermethylation or hypomethylation


DNA methylation at the C5 position of cytosine plays a crucial role in gene expression and chromatin remodeling. Perturbations in methylation patterns are associated with tumorigenesis, neurodegenerative diseases and neurological disorders. Bioinformatic analysis of methylomes is widely used in various research areas, including studies on gene regulation, cell differentiation, embryogenesis, aging, occurrence and development of disease, phenotypic diversity and evolution in plants and animals.


  • ≥ 200 ng genomic DNA

What’s Included

  • Sample Receipt and Initial QC
  • Library Construction and QC
  • Sequencing and Data Delivery
  • Bioinformatics Analysis

Data Deliverable

  • mCs detection, methylation level calculation
  • Methylation level and frequency distribution
  • Differentially Methylated Site (DMS) detection
  • Differentially Methylated Regions (DMRs), Differentially Methylated Promoter (DMPs) detection and annotation
  • Function enrichment of DMR-associated genes and DMP-associated genes
  • Comparative analysis (among samples)

Genome-wide DNA methylation patterns reveal clinically relevant predictive and prognostic subtypes in human osteosarcoma. Commun Biol 2022, 5(1):213.